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ProMotion International adds to the long-established German program ProMotion by a number of seminars in English. While the German program is offered by the Main Woman’s Representative ProMotion International is supported through the STIBET program of the DAAD and aims to complement the heterogeneous academic supervision and service offers made by central units for further education (ZEWK and IIWB) and the TU-DOC Office.

The aim is to encourage and accompany women during the PhD process to continuously pursue and successfully complete their degree. Joining women in a network offers not only support and additional motivation but also an excellent opportunity to gain information and strategic knowledge. Thus equipped, they are well prepared for a wide variety of future career options.

proMotion 2017

Module I - 1 March 2017

Introduction and orientation

The introduction module will make participants aware of those challenges and look both at their academic projects and the current and future possibilities to develop their careers. It will help to provide clarity of visions and ask key questions: Who am I? What do I really want? What is the purpose of my dissertation? What do I want to achieve? On this basis personal career choices and options will be discusses and participants will learn to plan of their goal with many unknown quantities involved.

Furthermore, the module will identify further needs of the group which might determine the exact choice and concept for Modules III and IV.


The seminar will take place in FH 604 in Frauenhoferstraße 33-36, 10587 Berlin (starting at 9am until 4pm)

Module II - 18 May 2017

Future-oriented time, self and workload organization

Against a background of continual change, scarce resources and time-pressure it is necessary to develop an effective method of self-management to cope with new challenges and to stay healthy in a sustainable way. In turbulent times it seems to be more difficult to plan effectively. We need new ways of thinking and planning, such as in planning scenarios. This seminar explores how to achieve a better balance within your own person and your professional surroundings.


 The seminar will take place in FH 604 in Frauenhoferstraße 33-36, 10587 Berlin (starting at 9am until 4pm)

Module III - 28 June 2017

Effective communication skills - public speaking – presentation/Conflict management

This highly interactive and participative communication and conflictmanagement course is a lively mix of tutorials, exercises and feedback. Participants learn from a Native-speaker how to use and improve your spoken English skills and look at the latest thinking in presentation theory. You create your own presentation in English and learn how to sound professional, confident, clear and exciting. In addition you learn how to cope with conflicts and how to prevent conflicts.


The seminar will take place in FH 604 in Frauenhoferstraße 33-36, 10587 Berlin (starting at 9am until 4pm)

Module IV - 4 September 2017

Success strategies of networking and finance

To build a well-functioning network is a vital component in career-planning in science. Many highly qualified scientists have taken a route to build their career that has been arduous and lonely. This module explores methods of easier career development, by the strategic use of networking.

Whether planning a career in the scientific or commercial world the need for self-financing projects is increasingly important. This seminar provides an overview of the structure of networking - the strengths and weaknesses of working in networks and allows for an opportunity to optimise your own networking activity and strategies for acquisition.


 The seminar will take place in FH 604 in Frauenhoferstraße 33-36, 10587 Berlin (starting at 9am until 4pm)



Participation in the English-language modules is open for all female international doctoral candidates at the TU Berlin. Before registering please make sure that you are available at the stated dates.

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