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Legal Framework

Doctoral Regulations of the TU Berlin

All formal questions regarding admission as a doctoral candidate and the doctoral procedure itself are set out in the joint regulations for doctoral degrees at TU Berlin. In case of conflicting interpretation between the German and the English version of the regulations, the German version prevails.

General Requirements

The general requirement to pursue a doctorate is the completion of a Master's degree or equivalent from a university or a Fachhochschule (university of applied science). Depending on the field or specialisation of the work the faculty might set further conditions for admission.

Doctorate with a Bachelor's Degree

Outstanding candidates with a Bachelor's Degree can be directly admitted as a doctoral candidate. Admission is contingent on the succesful completion of at least one and up to three entrance examinations and proof of academic suitability in the form a publication as a main author.

Furthermore, candidates with a Bachelor's degree can be admitted through a doctoral program like the Berlin Mathematical School.

Admission with a German Diplom (FH)

Candidates with a German "Diplom (FH)" can be admitted if academically suitable. Requirements are an above-average degree (overall grade "good" or better) and the sucessful completion of one to three entrance exams. Further information is available from the faculty administrations.

Doctorate with a Foreign Degree

Foreign Degrees can be accepted if their equivalence is determined. The faculty will decide on the basis of an expert opinion and might set further requirements which have to be fulfilled before opening the doctoral procedure.


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