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Counseling service for doctoral candidates

Besides the supervisor, who is the most important and direct contact person, the faculties as well as other service institution at the TU Berlin including external service points offer advice for doctoral candidates.

If you are unsure who is responsible for your concerns and requests, please consult the services of TU-DOC office.

Counseling service for all doctoral candidates
Supervisor or specialist superior
Professional support; career planning; financing
Spokeswoman/-man for doctoral candidates at the faculty
Information and advice in case of problems in the relationship between doctoral candidate and supervisor
Clerks in the Faculty-Service-Center
Application as doctoral candidate and opening of the doctoral examination procedure; administrative assistance during the promotion
TU-DOC office

Central contact point for administrative issues; orientation, if needed reference to other counseling services; fundamental questions with regard to the doctoral procedure and financing
Ombudsperson for good scientific practise
Advice in case of conflicts concerning good scientific practise and in case of missconduct
Family Service Office
Reconciliation of studies or work and children or nursing of relatives; study and work organisation
Counseling service for female doctoral candidates
Orientation; reconcilableness/compatibility; career planning; self-management; time scheduling; conflict management
Main Women`s Representative
Advice in case of sexual harassment and discrimination
Counseling service for employed PhD researchers
Staff council
Advice with regard to labor and collective bargaining; conflict management and conflict treatment
Human Ressources Department
Information concerning individual rights as well as responsibilites at the workplace; legal consultation (e.g. parental leave)
Support office for severely disabled
Advice for employees with disabilities; labor law; integration; advice with regard to workplace equipment
Social counceling
Support in case of personal and workplace related issues; conflict management and treatment; advice concerning nursing of relatives
Counseling service for enrolled doctoral candidates
Counseling and psychological services
Contact person for study related problems such as e.g. work troubles, difficulties in writing, exam nerves; arrangement of treatment and therapy options
Social counceling of "Studentenwerk"
Social rights; contact to responsible offices; reconciliation of work and family; advice in case of personal problems
Representative of disabled students or students with chronic diseases
Special requests; study organisation; compensation for disadvantages in exams; financing and living


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