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Riding a bicycle

Especially in several districts of Berlin and in summer it is very popular to ride a bicycle instead of using the public transportation. Nearly all big streets are featured with a bicycle lane, which you should use if it is possible. As in every big city, caution is needed especially on streets without bicycle lanes and wearing a helmet is recommended. If you cycle in the dark, you have to use reflectors.

Generally, it is possible to take your bike with you in the subway and the regional trains. Please note that you have to buy an extra ticket for your bike.

For second-hand bicycles the second-hand magazine Zweite Hand or online platforms such as the Berlin Craiglist are good for starts. Many bike shops also offer second-hand bikes.

Taking a taxi

A taxi ride is relatively expensive in Germany. Therefore, taking a taxi might only make sense in exceptional cases, e.g. if you miss the last train or bus at night or if you have a lot of luggage with you. All taxi cabs have a pale yellow color. You can stop one on the street if the light on the cab’s roof is lit, go to the nearest taxi stand or call one by phone.

City Maps

Free city maps can be found online on several platforms.

For a quick orientation on the way you can find a city map in all bus stops.




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