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While you needed to conclude several contracts at your arrival at Germany you now will have to cancel all these. The following list should be an orientation of what to think of.

  • Cancel your tenancy agreement in time. The regular period of cancelation is three months and requires a written letter.
  • Cancel contracts of utilities like electricity, gas or water.
  • Give notice to the Gebühreneinzugszentrale (GEZ) to cancel radio and television fees. This has to be done in written form.
  • Cancel your landline and internet. Usually the contract will be extended for one more year if you do not inform the provider in written form about three months ahead of the expiry date. So make sure not to miss this date.
  • Cancel your contract with the cell phone provider. This too needs to be done well ahead of the expiry date of your contract.
  • Close your local bank account. If you still await money transfers like the security deposit refund of your flat and want to keep your bank account some months longer, banks offer special form where you can enter a date when the account is to be closed and to which account the remaining money is to be transferred (i.e. the account in your home country). If you use online banking it should be possible to close your bank account from abroad. Please ask at the service office of your bank.
  • Cancel insurances you concluded. 





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